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Smokehouses show apartments now open to view

Help to Buy available - You can buy apartments at Smokehouses from £125,000.

From growing your family to downsizing, Smith’s Dock offers a range of flexible homes to suit everyone’s needs.
Smokehouses stand tall at the river’s edge; a brand new landmark inspired by the traditional smokehouses that used to line the nearby quays.

When creating Smokehouses, the design team reflected on the history of the site. They took inspiration from the quayside where a number of warehouses line the river along with the traditional smoke houses of the Fish Quay. The design for Smokehouses responds directly to these buildings, especially their industrial edge, from the shape of the buildings to the red zinc that wraps over the sides to form the roof. Now, when you hop on a ferry and look across the river, the Smokehouses will lock seamlessly into the view along the quayside, blending the past with the future.

Smokehouses are designed in balance with the surrounding environment.

The ground floors open up to the quayside and connect to a landscaped riverside walkway where fresh air, sea and sky dominate. They make the perfect home for those with seafaring souls. The first two Smokehouses north of the docks will be the first new homes completed on the waterfront at Smith’s Dock, bringing you even closer to the Tyne.

The architecture is oriented according to the sun’s path to enjoy as much natural daylight as possible, while the pitched roof tapers respectfully to maximise light for nearby buildings.

Clad in natural zinc, the warm, robust texture of the building’s exterior reflects the daylight and enhances the building’s form.

To the front, large glazed windows and lower level walkways connect to the riverside, bringing Smokehouses residents even closer to the local landscape."

Living at Smokehouses. We’re building a brand new community at Smith’s Dock, hear more from our residents ...

Home is a new beginning.

"I feel like I’ve got the best of both worlds - the awesome city of Newcastle is twenty minutes away, with the calm of the river and the beach located immediately outside. There’s loads going on in the surrounding area - I have everything I could ever want right here on my doorstep."

- Becky, Smokehouses resident, Smith’s Dock

Simpson Haugh are lead architects for Smokehouses &  the Smith’s Dock masterplan. This Manchester-based architecture practice has an impressive portfolio ranging from masterplans to interiors.

Simpson Haugh applies a creative and bespoke approach to every opportunity. Collaborating with clients, local communities and design teams, they harness their passion, knowledge and expertise to devise powerful and pragmatic solutions.

Smith’s Dock is not only an important professional project, but also an important personal one to me.

I’m from North Shields, I went to school in North Shields, I was brought up in North Shields. My family history is linked to this place and to Smith’s Dock. My mam still works in a local primary school, and my grandad was a foreman in the local yards. Like many people from the North East, I was raised on family tales and stories from the rich history of ship building on the Tyne. If you’re looking to create a sense of place, you have to look at what already exists, that’s what makes this project special. It’s a really proud legacy I have and why Smokehouses is of particular pride to me.

I’m immensely excited about this next chapter.

– Stuart Wheeler, SimpsonHaugh

Help to Buy your Smokehouse

Help to Buy is now available at Smith's Dock

You can buy now with a deposit of only £6,250 with the Government Help to Buy scheme**

Here's how Help to Buy could work for you

Creating communities

At Smith's Dock, you can experience a whole new concept of living; be part of a like-minded community who appreciate the value of great design.

Help to Buy is now available at Smokehouses at Smith’s Dock in North Shields with prices starting from £125,000

Buying your first home can feel a bit daunting! Let us offer all the advice and information you need to get started.

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**Help to Buy is subject to eligibility and availability