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Town House

Buy now from £299,950.

House is a new type of home, designed by shedkm and built by Urban Splash.  Family living with heaps of space and flexibility, you can go for super open plan or cosier rooms and anything in between.

House is all about space. Floor to ceiling heights are generous; large windows, oversized doors and smart storage all create a sense of spaciousness.

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House uses modern materials and modular construction techniques where possible, making your home well-insulated and fit for the future. And House is also clever. With integrated smart technology as standard, you can control your home (heating and lighting) from anywhere, so your House is always just as you like it.

Home isn't just where you live, it's how you live.

Family living, open spaces or cosy nooks, at Smith's Dock the Town House layouts have been hand-picked by our architects to suit your style of living.

We start with a 1,500 sq ft home set over three storeys. Next up, you let us know if you’re a loft-liver (your living room will be on the top floor with an exposed pitched roof), or a garden-dweller (a living room on the ground floor connecting to private outdoor space). You can then pick from a series of layouts for each floor.

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Flexible Homes

Town House at Smith's Dock offers a range of homes designed to suit every person, family and lifestyle.

Home is a place to imagine something new. We’re already building a new community at Smith’s Dock.

Home is a place to imagine something new

“ I like the fact I can live somewhere so modern and forward thinking but in an area steeped with history.”

– Ian Bergin Smith’s Dock Resident

Designer's profile

We believe design should enhance people’s lives. Simple as that. Whether it’s using the space inside to improve their lifestyle or helping sustain the world outside, design is not just something that looks pretty, it makes a positive impact on the world.

Every aspect of House has been designed by an award-winning architect, from conception to completion. Find out more about shedkm, designers of Town House.

– ​Designers Profile - Shedkm ​

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House is a new type of home, designed by shedkm and built by Urban Splash.

We’ve long been frustrated with the mediocrity of the UK’s new build housing, but we also see that mediocrity as an opportunity to break the mould, inject some new ideas and disrupt the house building industry. As well as learning from the best the past has to offer. So, working with Shedkm architects we’ve designed House, an unmistakably contemporary home that draws inspiration from the Victorian and Georgian terrace streets of days gone by.

House brings you all the great features of those traditional suburban properties – high ceilings, big windows, beautiful design – without the need for ripping out old bathrooms or removing internal walls. House is about bringing those great standards back to modern house building, while giving homeowners the flexibility to alter and change the layouts to suit their needs.

Shedkm are a collective of pragmatic and honest architects who believe in delivering value through design with integrity. They’ve won over 100 major awards, including twelve Housing Design Awards and ten RIBA Awards. They’re also three-time winners of Architect of the Year.

Help to Buy your Town House

You can buy now with a deposit of only £14,997 with the Governments Help to Buy scheme*

Town House is on sale now at Smith’s Dock in North Shields 
With prices starting from £299,950

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